Idle Hurtbox

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Character Description

lasers are a great zoning tool, but orbs in theory should lead to great pressure but she has the worst mixups in the game, with or without gems. Phonon and hilda can do what vat does, but with better mixups, and eltnum doesn't really have much with her moveset to make her stand out.

fucking WHAT!?! She can barely get over 3k without meter, and with meter she still doesn't get over the 5k most characters can get. Please link me some vat combo videos if you can, because I have never seen her get above 3.5 in a real match without super, I can't believe I would have missed something like that.



Character Statistics

Move List

Damage Key:
Number = Damage Hit(s)
() = Total/True Damage
[] = Minimum Damage

Cancellation Key:
N = Normal
S = Special
E = EX
C = CS
ASMV = Free Movement
! = Hit only (Not blocked)
* = Whiff cancelable

MoveState Key:
S = Standing
C = Crouching
A = Air

Reverse Beat

Move Rebeat Move Block Advantage Hit Advantage Comboframe

String Gaps

Move Cancel Into Gap on Block


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